Edge Jr.
Chemical Allocation System

The Edge Jr. is a full featured automatic chemical allocation and data logging system designed for small food & beverage plants where chemicals are dispensed from drums. The Edge Jr. system completely automate the dispensing of chemicals and record critical usage data.

At the push of a button, the Edge Jr. dispense concentrated cleaners in precise measured amounts into jeri cans or other portable containers. The Edge Jr. can be used to simply transfer each product to a container or to blend any combination of up to eight products with water, and dispense it to jugs, foamers, and other vessels. The Edge Jr. can also dispense chemicals direct to specific equipment in the plant such as CIP tanks or satellite drop stations. Edge Jr. can be programmed to deliver exact chemical formulations tailored to the specific requirement of each cleaning task. Programmable user ID codes prevent unauthorized use of the system.

  • Reliable fast concentrate or “ready to use” dispensing
  • Integrated “split” chemical injection/mixing manifold
  • Reliable all electric high output diaphragm pumps
  • Simple three component installation
    (Power supply, Pump case, Controller)
  • Windows compatible PC software
  • One to eight chemicals with dual water injection
  • Water tight pump cabinet, user interface and power supply
  • Preassembled - ready to install

Edge Jr. Pump Option

Edge Jr. Main Control Unit

Edge Jr. Pump Case

Edge Data Management

Now Connect Remotely Via the Internet

Exports standard Consumption/Quality Reports to pre-formatted Excel Spreadsheet

Simple point and click system programming