KP1H Wire Rack System

The KP1H Wire Rack System provides many useful features for a clean, safe, secure, and professional installation. This economical system features an optional Dispenser Top that snaps into place and accepts any combination of KP1H Proportioners to service any chemical proportioning application.

  • Vertical bar provides an effective tube guide for chemical lines centered over bottle openings. Tube Guides provide a neat and clean installation.
  • Tube Ring holds bucket fill hose or neatly bundles chemical lines.
  • 4 Vertical connectors provide mounting for dispenser top.
  • Bottom steel bar provides mounting holes for optional Drip Tray.
  • Locking clasp provides strength and security.


KP1H Mixing Center

The dispensing systems you employ to dispense your cleaning chemicals make a statement about how much you value your customer’s business. Knight’s new Locking Stainless Steel KP1H Mixing Center coupled with our Patent Pending KP1H Proportioning System is the industry’s best demonstration of your commitment to the customer.

Keying on the unique modularity and compact design of the KP1H Proportioner, the new Mixing Center is an exceptional value. Fabricated from #304 Stainless Steel, this structurally robust cabinet will resist normal wear and tear that degrades and disables competing plastic cabinets. The locking front cover provides secure storage for cleaning concentrates and prevents product pilferage.

KP1H Locking Cabinets fit from one to two KP1H Proportioners to feed from one to five chemicals. These KP1H Centers are sized for round or square 1 gallon containers. Custom units are also available.

  • Robust, Sanitary #304 Stainless Steel
  • Quick And Easy To Install
  • Compact, Modular Design Fits Any Installation
  • Mop Bucket Hose “Holster” Requirement. 33% Less Wall Space Required
  • Mount Proportioners On Wall or Top
  • Stack Cases Vertically, Horizontally, Mount “Easel” Or In Corners
  • One And Two Product Modular Cabinets Dispenses From 1-5 Chemicals
Locking KP1H Wire Rack - Must Select KP1H Proportioner



Locking Wire Rack for One-One Gallon Bottle.

17.1cm x 18.4cm x 30.4cm

1.8 kg

- 7225923 Wire Rack Dispenser Top 1 Product Rack. (1 x 1 Gallon)

14.6cm x 15cm x 28.6cm

.45 kg



Locking Wire Rack for Four-One Gallon Bottles.

64.7cm x 18.4cm x 30.4cm

3.6 kg

- 7225922 Wire Rack Dispenser Top For 4 Product Rack. (4 x 1 Gallon)

61cm x 15cm x 30cm

1.3 kg



Locking Wire Rack for One-One Quart Bottle.
- -


Locking Wire Rack for Two-One Quart Bottles - -
4 QWR 7225903 Locking Wire Rack for Four-One Quart Bottles. - -


Locking Wire Rack for Three-One Quart Bottles. - -
DA-4 7600276 Drip Tray For 4 Product Rack. - -
DA-1 7600277 Drip Tray For 1 Product Rack. - -
Locking KP1H Mixing Center - Must Select KP1H Proportioner
7630074 Stainless Steel, Locking Mixing Center Case For Two-One Gallon Bottle w/Lock. (Easel and KP1H not included)

31.7cm x 18.4cm x 34.2cm

4.5 kg

7630076 Mixing Center Proportioner Mounting “Easel” For Two KP1H.

23.4cm x 12.7cm x 20.3cm

.68 kg

7600283 Plastic Drip Tray For Mixing Center Case - -